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Homeless Restaurant Week

Last year, summer Homeless Restaurant Week initiated by Michael Tabrizi was hosted at his famous restaurant  (Tabrizi's) in Baltimore city. The unique event was a huge success and it has gained national and global recognition. Over 900 volunteers from all aspects of life volunteered to cover the three scheduled shifts from noon until 7 pm for six days. Tabrizi's served a flute of sparkling chilled apple cider, a chicken Cordon Bleu, Salad and ice cream for dessert at it's white linen restaurant. Tabrizi's planned to feed 1000 homeless people in Baltimore city but it managed to reach 1349 souls in a six days with three daily shifts. The Yellow Cab company donated transportation from the various city shelters to the beautiful restaurant setting at the Harborview Community, just feet away from the Ritz Carlton residence, and back to the shelters. The project was beautifully planned and executed.

Your donation will help feed over 1400 homeless people in Baltimore city this year, since we are planning to beat last year's record. Your donation is very much appreciated and it WILL make all the difference. 

Watch this website under the "Projects" section for more upcoming details about 2016 "Homeless Restaurant Week". You will have the chance to register as a volunteer and feel the awesome experience of giving.

We and our volunteers thrive on doing good and making a difference in the world. We cannot solve the problem of homelessness, but we can make homeless and underprivileged people smile and restore hope.

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